Online Lessons

LIVE! Online lessons are the best and easiest way to do guitar lessons. All you need is a guitar, computer with a web cam, and internet. By using Skype or Google Hangouts it is easier than ever. With no need to even leave the house how can you say no to online private lessons. Oh, ya and your first lesson is FREE!!! There is no excuse, Sign up for a free lesson today and start learning how to play guitar!!


Single Lesson – $15
4 Lessons – $60
Buy 12 Get 1 Free – $180

Single Lesson – $23
4 Lessons – $92
Buy 12 Get 1 Free – $276

Single Lesson – $30
4 Lessons – $120
Buy 12 Get 1 Free – $360

How many lessons are right for you?

Single lessons are for the Intermediate or Advanced players who would like to come in for a quick new lesson on different techniques or learn some theory and play around with modal interchanges. Like we said any age any skill level you can always learn something new. Or for those who do not want to commit to too much at once, you can purchase single lessons and schedule a date once you buy. Scheduling single lessons will be first purchase first serve.

Generally students complete 1 lesson per week so purchasing 4 lessons is like our month to month plan, the upside about this is that you will be able to block out your own lesson time for the month. Say Teusdays at 4PM work best for you each week, well its yours and each month that time will be saved and reserved for you.

This is by far our best deal! When you buy our 12 lessons package you get your 13th FREE! Why is this our best deal? No one ever conquered the guitar in 2 months, to get to where you want to be playing guitar you are going to have to stick with it, keep practicing, and keep up with lessons. So if you know you want to be a guitar player why not get something in return, like a free lesson!

Online Lessons




Once you sign up for lessons you will receive a Treble Makers lesson guide that your instructor will customize specifically to your learning 


Lesson Logs

Tab Paper

Chord Charts

Staff Paper


Theory Notes