Ozzy Osbourne Donates $10,000 to Louisville Kids Band

May 12, 2015    

“Myself, my whole family and my fans all loved your rendition,” the Black Sabbath singer wrote of the viral, all-percussion “Crazy Train”

Way to go Ozzy!

Here is the video that earned them the 10 grand from the Godfather of metal

And an even bigger round of applause to the Louisville Kids Band. This isn’t their first awesome cover of a legendary song, they have also covered Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”  and “Immigrant Song”

check out their You Tube page here:


…and how about a standing ovation for their teaching staff! It takes a talented group of teachers to put this together. Hats off!

read more about the staff:


Sources: Ozzy Osbourne Donates $10,000 to Louisville Kids Band