Lick of the Week 1/8/15

January 9, 2015    


Lick1(Click to enhance)

Hello! Thanks for checking out our First lick of the week! For the lick of the week we are going to be posting licks that you can use in your everyday soloing. We will try to focus on short licks (as opposed to full solos) that fit almost anywhere! So have fun and check in to check out a new lick every thursday!

This is a standard blues lick. Here we play the first bar with triplets and go to eighth notes on the second bar. You can throw this lick in almost anywhere, with any genre. This lick is great to use as a motif in a solo or just passing by. Go ahead and mess with it by playing the first bar a few more times, or intstead of resolving on the A note (fret 7 string 4) land on the C note (fret 5 string 3). Have fun!

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